Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mharo Rangeelo Rajasthan

Hello Everyone who is reading this blog !!!

This is my very first attempt in blogging. My name is Priya and I am happily married to my wonderful husband Nisheeth for 8 years and have 2 beautiful boys, Aryan (5 years old) and Atharv (5 months old).

Now, one would wonder, why another blog when there are many such blogs already on recipes. So, here is a genuine reason (or so I would think :)). I did not find a single decent blog on authentic Rajasthani recipes. Therefore, I thought of putting all the recipes I have tried that I found from various resources (I will be giving credit to the person I get it from, I promise) in one central place for everyone like me who loves Rajasthani food. It will also be a new thing for many people who have either never tried Rajashani recipes as I know authentic Rajasthani dishes are not available in any restaurants that I know of or have been to. So, here is my small attempt to do so.

Hoping that anyone who reads this will use word of mouth to distribute the blog address and thus I will get more inspiration to add more and more recipes.

I will also try to add some other recipes that I love besides Rajasthani just for fun and good addition.

And for people who do not know much about Rajasthan, I will also be giving some nice information to learn and know :)

So, with this, I end this post and will start posting recipes from tomorrow onwards.

Good night and take care,


R said...

nice blog priya, looking forward to all the yummy recipes! good luc!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rupali :)

Unknown said...

thanks for the info abt the Rajasthan and its recipes.....good thought.Keep going!
Love to read more!
sorry for the late comments!

Unknown said...

Thanks Raji. Please keep visiting and let your friends also know about the blog :)


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