Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aate ka Halwa (आटे का हलवा) - Happy Valentine's Day to All !!!

Wow, what a day. The day when all lovers (married, unmarried both.. lol) express their love to each other and promise to love each other for the lifetime.

For me, this day is even more special as I got engaged to my wonderful husband Nisheeth 8 years ago on this same day. A very memorable day indeed. 

Therefore, on this very day, let me share both our favorite and very basic dessert that can be made anytime in just 5 min. maximum from start to finish. This is very commonly made and preferred in Rajasthan all the time for any occassion rather than "Suji ka halwa".

Aate ka Halwa (आटे का हलवा)

Gehun ka Aata (Wheat Flour) - 1 cup
Ghee (Clrified Butter) - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 2 cup
Mixed nuts and raisins - per your liking (Tip: Don't add too many nuts or else you won't be able to enjoy your

Take a wide pan, add ghee, let it get heated. Now, add aata and roast it till it is light brown and a nice aroma is emitted. Add water slowly while mixing with aata. Once all water is absorbed then add sugar and mix (do not add sugar before adding water or it crystallizes and becomes hard). Lastly add nuts and raisins and mix (roast the nuts and raisins, all separately in ghee before hand).

Delicious halwa can be served as dessert with any kinf of Indian menu. This is also made as prasad for any puja occassion.

One other way of serving the halwa is to take a flat baking sheet and spread the halwa immediately after it is done in flat about 1-1.5 inches thick layer. 

Now cut it into rectangular pieces. Don't separate them yet. Let it cool down and then enjoy the pieces. (Tip, this way you can portion your intake, i.e., if you are watching diet... :))

You can also make it into laddoos and enjoy them. So, see how many ways of eating this yummy dessert. YUM.

Sending this to Celebrate Sweets - Halwa event of Nivedita.

Enjoy and take care till we meet again.



R said...

hey this looks yummy! my kids will definitely love it since they have a sweet tooth :))

Unknown said...

Thanks Rupali. Try it out and let me know how it was. This is a very common dessert we keep making almost every other week when there is no other dessert available.


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