Monday, March 8, 2010

Basoda Festival - Sheetala Ashtami - Happy Women's Day

Hello everyone !!!

Today is a very important Hindu festival in Rajasthan and many other states/cultures. It is commonly knows as Basoda बसोडा or like many people may call it Shitala Ashtami शीतला अष्टमी.

On this day, all 'mothers' make things to be eaten the whole day (or at least one meal), previous night itself. Which means, that they eat "Basi" food (food from previous night) and that is why the name, Basoda. Or, as the food is eaten cold, so the name "Shitala Ashtami". 

In some parts of Rajasthan, people also go to Shitala Mela, to worship Shitla Mata, which is celebrated in Chaitra Masa, Krishna Paksha. This festival comes on the 8th day after Holi (the festival of color).

All cultures have their own menu for this day. But, in my family, we usually make, Roti (रोटी), Kair Sangari (कैर सांगरी) and Gulgule (गुलगुले). I did not have all ingredients for Kair Sangari, so I made Roti (and poori as my son loves it), Aloo Toru Ki Sabzi (आलू तोरू की सब्जी) and Gulgule. I also made some Mawa Malpua last night.

So, at lunch, we will be enjoying our cold lunch from last night.

You can read a little bit more about this festival @ Shitala Ashtami

Wish everyone a very Happy Shitla Ashtami and of course how can I forget Happy Women's Day to fellow women.

Have a wonderful day everyone and take care.
~ Priya


Meena said...

Love the story behind this tradition...happy Shitala Ashtami to you...

First time on your the traditional rajasthani dishes...I will be back to check out what you cook next!

Unknown said...

Thanks Meena. Love your comments. I have just started, so, will be posting many more recipes :)

Please keep visiting.

kalyani said...

Happy Shitala Ashtami to you too Priya.....Glad to find your blog....Hope to see authentic rajasthani recipes here.We had a yummy 'hari mirch ki subji' in Bikaner.It's a bit hot but very tasty and full of flavours....I am searching for the recipe since long as my family loved you have a recipe for that?

Unknown said...

Kalyani, funny you should ask that recipe today as I was going to post the exact same one :)

Please do visit back to check it out.

Thanks for your kind words.

Suma Gandlur said...

Happy Sheetal asthami to you?
Any connection to Andhra? Just wondering because of that last name.:)

Unknown said...

Yes Suma, I am from Andhra origin (Parents) and I am married in Rajasthani family :)

Kiran said...

Hi Priya,

Thanks for visiting my blog.Really happy to know info about Rajasthan and recipes from Rajasthan.I am following you.
Keep visiting my blog at your convenience.


Unknown said...

Sure Kiran, I will :)

Cooking Foodie said...

Hi Priya,

Just found your blog and like the recipes you have posted so far. I look forward to more... Can I request two recipes? Moti roti and daal baati whenever you get time...

Here is my blog

Unknown said...

Thanks Cooking Foodie, I will surely be posting your requests soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please follow it. I have also started following your blog. A lovely collection :)

Kalyani said...

That's great Priya!!!
Awaiting the recipe.
Ugadi subhaakaankshalu to you and your family.

Andhra Recipes said...

Online andhra food cooking recipes in english and telugu language.

Thanks for share..

ruchita said...

Nice post.. I usually skip all the stories in any recipe blogpost... but your story got me hooked.. reminded me of the same shitala ashtami feast at my place.. keep up the good work!



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