Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coming to an End...

Hello Friends,

I am sure many of you have noticed that for more than one year, I have been on and off on the block, mostly off actually.

Somehow looks like I am either in that "block" everyone talks about in the blog world or just not finding enough time to do the cooking, shooting and writing about it. 

I still enjoy cooking and eating though, so don't get me wrong there, but it is the other parts that are not happening with me. Could be just the lack of will than anything else.

Thus, after much consideration and internal debates, I have decided to stop this blog right here.

What it means is I am not going to remove the blog or anything as obviously, it is a journal of my culinary journey and source of lot of good recipes I have tried and enjoyed with my family and friends, but I will now stop to write any more.

As you all know, there are 2 blog events that I initiated - Veggie/Fruit A Month and Healthy Me & Healthy Us. As I know all of us love these 2 events and I get continuous participation in these from all of you wonderful bloggers, I wanted to put them up for "Adoption". What it means is that, I want you to own it from here on and take it ahead. If you are a blogger, who would like to own the event from here on and take responsibility of it, please drop me a line and I will hand it over to you. Looking forward for my babies to be adopted and get a new home. It is sad and painful, but I am sure they will flourish in their home better.

Lastly, I have to thank each and everyone of you as without all of your kinds words and encouragement, I couldn't have done what I have. My achievement is more than mine yours. I also want to thank my husband and boys for their contribution in my blog and putting up with me :)

Thanks and take care everyone,


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