Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quinoa Dosa (Quinoa Savory Crepes)

Hello Friends,

I love the Tuesdays when I get to post bookmarked recipes as that means one less recipe in my list and one yummy recipe in a regular list that I make often at home.

This is one such recipe that I found in Denny's blog. Quinoa Dosa (Quinoa Savory Crepes) was a pleasant surprise for me. Honestly, I know you will think wow, but this is the first time I tried making proper dosa from scratch. I mean I make quick dosas like rava dosa and everything, but something which needs soaking of 8 hours, then grinding and fermenting of another 8 hours, is totally out of my league. I so do not have patience. But, after looking at the dosa picture in Denny's blog, I was prepped up to try and wanted to have this one as my first experiment.
Now, for someone who does not have wet grinder like me (like most South Indians usually have at their house), do not fret. You can easily do the grinding in regular mixed and/or food processor. I have Cuisinart food processor (My latest collection of appliances) and I used it successfully in making fine batter of the ingredients. 

Another thing, as I mentioned above, I don't make dosa/idli batter at home, so did not have Idli rice or parboiled rice that usually is used or even brown rice that Denny used. So, I went for my usual Sona Masoori varity of white rice and the dosa came absolutely fine, crispy. I could not tell the difference, but I am sure experts will be able to. But, for a novice like me, I was happy with my results :)

I used Denny's recipe as it is, so not going to repeat it further here. Please check the recipe here.

We had this dosa with Mango - Peanut - Cilantro Chutney, I posted in another post.

This goes to Bookmarked Recipes - Every Tuesday (Volume 44) event of Aipi and Mine.
That's all for now. Take care till next post.


Sadhana Valentina said...

Feeling like having that dosa with side dish....!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

Lovely dosas.
You know what, I do own a wet grinder and I prepare idlis and dosas at least once in a week. However I never use the grinder since I hate cleaning it. Instead I go with the regular American blenders to grind even though it is meant for juices. :) LOL It works. And regarding soaking, 3 -4 hours is enough.

Sensible Vegetarian said...

Crispy delicious one, am I invited for some of this healthy breakfast.

Sravs said...

wow yummy breakfast !! so wonderful !!

Hari Chandana P said...

Looks lovely and delicious.. :)
Indian Cuisine

KrithisKitchen said...

So crispy and perfectly done... loving the golden color!
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Pushpa said...

Dosa looks delicious and healthy.

Raks said...

Dosa with quinoa is a nice idea,good for health too! Has come out very nice and the colour says it all!

Vardhini said...

Healthy dosa .. I just bought quinoa :)

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Shobha said...

Wow..look at that lovely colour of dosa..must have been yummy with that spicy chutney.

Denny said...

Dosas have come out really well...Thanks Priya for trying. I am glad you liked the recipe.

Treat and Trick said...

Looks tempting and absolutely yummy with that chutney!


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