Monday, May 23, 2011

Bookmarked Recipes - Every Tuesday Event - 23rd May 2011 (Volume 42)

Hello friends,

This is the 42nd volume of Bookmarked Recipes - Every Tuesday Event. You can find recipes for all other volumes here. where we all with link the blog posts where we posted a recipe that we had Bookmarked from another blog or book or magazine or simply from a TV show written on a blank paper. It would be great to know when you bookmarked it (date), if you would like to share it, not mandatory.

Remember, you will have to post that recipe on Tuesday, 23rd May 2011 and no archived or past recipes are allowed to be entered in this event. You can make that recipe any date or time, but it has be posted on Tuesday. Hope that is clear :)

Important Note: The recipe has to be from another source (blog, magazine, friend, noted from somewhere in your diary etc.) and importantly as this is a vegetarian blog, it has to be a vegetarian recipe, no kind of meat allowed. Eggs are allowed, but only in baking.

Please use the logo displayed below in your post and link it with this post or the original announcement post of this event.

Once you have posted your recipe on your blog, simply link it using "Mr. Linky" below. Linking will open only after 12 am on 23rd May 2011 (India Time) and will stay open till end of the day (US Pacific Time).
Hoping to see lots of recipes as I know all of us have bookmarked recipe, blogger or non-blogger. If you are a non-blogger, please feel free to send me the recipe with pic and the source of your bookmark.

That's all for now. Take care till next post.


Joanne said...

Whoa looks like one crazy awesome round up! So many recipes to try!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wat a fantastic collection of fab recipes..

Tasty Appetite
Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

Mélange said...

Priya,sorry for that.Since I used eggs and last week been stupid to link egg curry,I was doubtful to link.Thanks for remembering.

Unknown said...

Yes priya,I am ready with the announcement.will post on 1 st of june.

Cilatro said...

All the entries look good so far, Delicious indeed!

Cooking Foodie said...

Priya - I saw ur comment abt adding it a little late - Its Thursday now :(
Maybe next time...


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