Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest Hosting "Cooking With Seeds" Event

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is in the greatest of spirits. This month I am guest hosting one of the wonderful events called Cooking With Seeds, which was started by Priya, who doesn't need any introduction. She is one of the most creative and imaginative cook, I have come across. Give her anything or nothing and she will whip up something super delicious, yep, that's Priya Suresh. If you haven't already, check her blog for what I am talking about and you will thank me later :)

This event is such a wonderful one, as it encourages us to use a lot of seeds in our daily menu. I am sure no needs any definition or introduction to what seeds are. Of course, there are some seeds which cannot be consumed, but there are many more which can be. Here is a list per Wikipedia and I am sure, there are many more. Before coming to USA, I did not know a lot of seeds we could eat. But, I have learnt so much and started using a lot in our regular menu.

For the event, I have selected one of the lesser known seeds called Flax Seed. The first time, I heard about this seed was when doctor suggested my hubby to use it for constipation issues as it is very fibrous. Then, once I became a regular blogger, I saw a lot of Vegan people using flax seed in powder form as a substitute for egg and I was surprised by it. Then, there were a few of our creative bloggers, who have even used it in various kind of masala powders and such.

Can you believe that in little less than 1/2 cup (8 tbsp) of flax seeds, you get about 27.3 gm of fiber and you only need an average of 17-20 gm of fiber per day? How neat is that?

So, all my readers (bloggers and non-bloggers alike), put your thinking cap and whip up some wonderful recipes with these Flax Seeds as star ingredient (if not star, at least a major ingredient).

Here are some simple rules you need to follow.

1)Cook anything with flax seeds. ONLY vegetarian dishes (eggs are allowed, only if used in baking) are accepted from today to 28th February 2011.

2)Post as many dishes as u can in your blog from today onwards. Many entries per person are allowed.

3)Link back ur entry to this announcement page.

4)If u have any interesting tips its will be so useful, dont forget to send.

5)I'll accept the old entries, if they are reposted with this page link.

6)Using Logo is very much appreciated.

7)Email me to priya.mitharwal@gmail.com with subject as Cooking With Seeds with following details:
Your Name:
Blog's Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe Url/Link:
Picture of the dish:

Please take care to send all ur delicious entries before 28th February 2011.

8) If u dont have blog, no problem. Please do send ur entries to the above mail address, i'll include them while doing the roundup.

If you are interested in hosting the event in future, feel free to contact Priya.

That's all for now. Take care till next post.


Eat Hearty said...


I'm new to blogging and came across your site, I'm interested in taking part in this event but am unclear on the rule.....whether to use flax seeds, sesame seeds or any seeds?

Ankita Jain

Swathi said...

Happy hosting, let me see what i can come up with.

Shobha said...

I have never used flax seeds..let me think of adding them to some dish... will post the recipe soon...also looking forward to see many other flax recipes at the end of the event.
Happy hosting.

Rachana said...

I cant thank you enough for picking Flax seeds for this month's CWS event. I have a big bag of flax seeds I bought for my daughter but didnt use it. Hopefully, I will send you atleast a few entries for your event.

Padmajha said...

I am experimenting with flax seeds these days.So count me in :).Btw,nice choice...

Pushpa said...

Happy hosting Priya,great event,love flax seeds.

Priya Suresh said...

Thanks for hosting Priya, will send my entries definitely..

Daisy Roshan said...

i recently came to know that flax seeds if eaten in the morning can reduce obesity.....

this is a really interesting event...let me search if i can get it in my city....



Unknown said...

i just bought a big bag of flax seed just y'day hoping to using...now I will use it to send dishes to u! :))

KrithisKitchen said...

Hi Priya.. sent in an entry..
Eggless Wholewheat Blueberry Scones

Anonymous said...

Hi I have just sent you an entry

Hope you will like it
It was pleasure browsing through your lovely blog

Unknown said...

I have one for this Priya and I will be blogging it tomorrow or the day after and will link it to your event...


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