Monday, December 6, 2010

Calling all LA Area Food Bloggers

Hello friends,

Just want to send out a shout to all my fellow LA area Food bloggres who will be interested in meeting other fellow food bloggers and get to know them and have fun. This does not only include LA County, but also includes San Bernardino and Orange County food bloggers.

We just had one meet this past Saturday (December 4th 2010). We are planning our next one in Spring 2011.

Please visit LA Foodie Bloggers' Meet blog for more details and send out an email to me @, if you are interested. We already have 12 bloggers in the group.

Looking forward for more participation.


Peggy said...

Wish I lived closer to LA or I would definitely be in on it!

Bong Mom said...

Wow, that must have been fun.Do write about your meet.

Unknown said...

Hi Priya..thanx for the reply...
I will be coming to LA in December for couple of weeks....
April...i am not sure of anything as yet....Its still far away....:))
I would surely love to meet up if time and chance permits....thanx for the reply tho!!:))

Unknown said...

I know i missed the december meet...saw the pics...were lovely!!
I meant in future when time and chance permits...thanx :))


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