Thursday, April 15, 2010

M'Baazi - Dry Bean Nairobi Style for A.W.E.D.

As like everyone else, when I heard of AWED - Africa hosted by PJ and originally started by Divya. I was looking for something that I can relate to, I can make at home and more importantly everyone likes and will eat as I didn't want to make something just for the sake of making. While looking for something vegetarian, I came across a recipe called M'Baazi. M'Baazi means "beans" in Swahili and is pronounced em ba-ah'-zi with the voice pitched higher on the final syllable. Any kind of beans may be used except green or waxed beans. 

I was even more surprised during my hunt of recipes that in East Africa and Kenya especially, they very commonly eat chapati (Roti) and rice just like the way we do in India.

M'BAAZI - Dried Beans Nairobi Style (Recipe of Kenya)

Dried Beans - 1/2 cup (washed and soaked for at least 6-8 hours) - I used Black Eyed Beans, but you can practically used any kind of beans for this, small beans are better than big ones like red kidney beans.
Onions - 1/2 cup (chopped finely)
Green Pepper - 1/2 cup (chopped finely)
Coconut Milk - 1/2 cup (I used the can version)
Red Chilli Powder (or Crushed Flakes) - 1/4 tsp (or how muchever you like the heat)
Salt - as per taste
Oil or Butter - 4 tbsp
Tomato Wedges - for garnishing
Parsely sprigs - 1 or 2

  • Traditionally, the washed and drained dried beans are cooked on salted boiling water till they are well cooked. Just to save energy and gas, I soaked it overnight and cooked it in salted water in cooker till it is soft (but not mushy).
  • Add oil/butter in a pan and add onions and green pepper and fry for 3-4 min (add little salt here enough for onion and peppers, remember that we have already cooked beans in salted water).
  • Add the cooked beans and continue to saute until the onions are brown.
  • Add red chilli powder and fry for 1 more min.
  • Add coconut milk and simmer gently until the coconut milk thickens to medium-sauce consistency.
  • Garnish with parsely sprigs and tomato wedges  (I ran out of them, so you won't see it in picture).
This dish is usually served cold in lettuce cups. But, feel free to eat it warm with chapati or rice. Let me tell you one more thing, my pictures don't do justice to how delicious the recipe turned out to be. I ate a lot without chapati or anything. I am going to cool it in fridge today and will try it cold way tomorrow morning :)

I have few more recipes that I dished out and I will see if I can make them in time.

I am also sending this to Vegetable Marathon - Beans event hosted by Anita.

Also sending this to MLLA # 22 event hosted by Ruchika.

Till next post, take care. Have a wonderful night.


Cooking Foodie said...

Nice recipe... very easy to make... never knew African food wud be so similar to ours! Except Ethiopian which I do like...

Priya Suresh said...

Its really great to learn International cuisine na...Nairobi style beans looks super delicious..

Simplyfood said...

Lovely bean dish .LOooks delicious.

Sindhura said...

Hai Priya,
Came to ur blog via sailu's connect.Lovely blog dear with beautifully presented recipes.All the very best to u n ur blog.
Drop in sometime to mine

SathyaSridhar said...

Priya,,first of all my apologises for not commenting this week dear,,i was busy with my household works for our new year...I saw all the recipes i missed out i like all ur presentation dear esp i like malai kulfi very rich dessert,,,btw here beans looks great dear very healthy version of eating pulses looks greaaat...

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Lovely dish with the black eyed peas. Excellent entry for both the events!

R said...

nice to read abt african culture, this is a very nice and simple recipe priya.

Panchpakwan said...

Looks very intersting recipe. Healthy too..


This is a new dish I discovered from you...looks healthy and yummy, have a great weekend dear....

Madhavi said...

Lovely recipe and your malai kulfi looks mouth-droolingggggg Yummmmmmm :))

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, Nairobi recipe sounds great...I could relate to our ethnic style as well.

Kiran said...

Nice and healthy recipe with black-eyed beans.It sure can be eaten as is.Nice to know that Nairobian cuisine is kind of like Indian cuisines.

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful inspirational comments. I was also feeling good after making this dish that I tried some other country's dish which fortunately for us is very much like ours, so suits our palette.


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