Friday, April 9, 2010

Indian Flavored Burrito for Global Kadai Event

When I thought of making this for "Global Kadai - Indian Flavored Burritos or Wraps" event, I could think of nothing but to recreate 7-Layer Bean Burrito (my favorite from Taco Bell) in Indian flavors.

So, here are the layers of this Mexican burrito and their substitutes that I added.

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Beans - Black Beans Rajma Style (Black beans cooked in MDH rajma masala - I didn't add anything extra, just used canned black beans with rajma masala)
Sour Cream - Chilled and Whipped Yogurt
Lettuce - Cucumer (Finely Chopped)
Tomato - Tomato (Finely Chopped and mixed with little lemon juice, cucumber, salt and black pepper)
Guacamole - Hari Dhaniya (Cilantro) Chutney (Deep Brand that I usually use and get it from Indian store)
Cheese - Mexican 4 Cheese blend from Kraft
Hot Sauce - Tamarind and Date Chutney (Deep Brand that I usually use and get it from Indian store)
Mexican Rice - Nimbu Chawal (Cooked Rice with simple tempering - mustard, cumin seeds, lemon juice, salt, turmeric and very little chilli powder)
Extra Layer - Veggies with Crumbled Paneer (Basically Paneer Bhurjee made with Crumbled Paneer, finely chopped onion and green peppers with spices - chopped green chillies, coriander powder, cumin powder and salt)
Pretty easy preparation. Have all ingredients ready in bowls or cups. Cook a roti well and add the ingredients one by one in this order - beans, rice, cucumber, tomato, paneer bhurjee, both the chutneys and yogurt. You may have to make a larger size roti than usual (Try to make it about torilla size that you get in the market). Finally sprinkle some chat masala on it (totally optional). Add the ingredients in the quantities that you prefer, so I won't really give you any measurements for that. first wrap up the 1/8 part of the roti from the bottom and then wrap it from both the sides. 

This can be served as it is because this one has everything in it. If you still feel like it, serve it some ketchup or hot sauce of your choice.

Hope you all like it. This obviously being a burrito can be made with any igredients that you like or love. It doesn't have to be the ones I mentioned.

So, as I mentioned above, this is going to "Global Kadai - Indian Flavored Burritos or Wraps" event hosted by Divya Vikram and started by Cilantro.

Till next post, take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Tia said...

yum! that looks so tasty! thx for your comment on my blog. For the cheese pennies, you could probably sub in some other kind of cheese for the mozzarella but it would probably be best to get mozzarella or edam cheese because it's mild flavored, has lots of moisture and isn't too oily like cheddar or harder cheeses are.

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Perfect and gorgeous. Do visit my blog when time permits.

Priya Suresh said...

Slurpppp!!!priya wat a fantastic and tempting burrito, just drooling here...feel like grabbing rite now..

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Awesome burrito made with Roti with some Indian Ingredients like Rajma and Hari Dhaniya!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tia, Shanthi, Priya and Cool Lassie for your wishes.

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Thanks. Perfect for the event. BTW chow chow is chayote


This is very interesting burrito with multiple filling, looks so yummy dear..

R said...

This is simply delicious, love the picture :))

Simplyfood said...

A complete meal in one with such avaried blend of flavours and textures.Nice presentation too.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, it was indeed a complete meal for us.

Kalai said...

This is another of my fav recipe dear. Using guacamole along with this burrito sounds interesting! What a great Mexican meal! I have a similar Enchilada recipe, if you want to have a peep!

notyet100 said...

nice version

Cooking Foodie said...

This burrito looks great... love your substituted ingredients!


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