Friday, March 26, 2010

Participation Award for EFM Series - Parathas and Gravies

This is such an achievement. No, not me getting participation award. Of course, I am very proud of being part of this huge effort.

Sri Lekha, a wonderful idea to host this event and even further more amazing job you have done to add all these recipes in one place and not just links but the actual recipe itself with a picture.

Anyone who is reading this post/blog, please do visit Sri Lekha's EFM Series - Parathas and Curries/Gravies round up page as it is definitely a one-stop-shop for whoever ever wants to cook parathas with a gravy/curry.

And, lastly but not the least, here is my participation award to participate in this great event.

Thanks Sri Lekha once again for this entire effort.

Take care,


R said...

great going priya!! congrats! ur new template looks really cool :))

Unknown said...

Thanks R, I was just trying a few things :)


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