Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi - Dahi Vadas

Hi friends,

होली आपको बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो.

This is the last installment of my holi recipes.

I am pretty sure everyone knows this very well. This is just my version (not much different from usual ones), but surely one of our all time favorite recipes, not just holi but anytime.

This is also an entry for my very first content entry @ "Let's Play With Colors @ Asankhana Blog"

Dahi Vada (दही वडा)

Split Udad Dal (Split Black Gram Lentils) - 1 cup
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Green Chillies - 2-3 (increase or decrease based on your taste)
Salt - Per taste
Dahi (Yogurt) - 2 - 3 cups (based on how much dahi you like in your dahi vada)
Tamarind and Dates Chutney (1 tsp per 2 dahi vadas) - I use Deep one, you can try it from Indian grocery store
Roasted Cumin Powder - to sprinkle on dahi vadas (to make it you can roast cumins lightly without oil and then grind them to a coarse powder)
Red Chillie Powder - to sprinkle on dahi vadas
Oil - For deep frying vadas
Soak Dal for at least 4 hours. Then grind it into a paste along with ginger/green chillies and very little water. I use regular mixie, but if you have a wet grinder, great :)
Now heat oil in a kadahi. Once the oil is hot (it shouldn't be smoking hot or else your vadas will get the color faster and not cook from inside). I use my hand, but you can use a small spoon as well and pour batter in round shapes (or any shape you want your vadas to be). Fry them for 2 min. or so. Remove them when they turn light brown. Let it drain oil on paper and then after 30 seconds, put the vadas first in some water (I take a small bowl of water). Let them soak in water for about 1 min.
In a separate bowl (I usually take a wide serving utensil), take dahi and use a spoon to convert it into a smooth silky liquid. You may want to add little water as well.
Now, add soaked vadas in dahi one by one in layers (don't add more than 2 layers, if you made a lot, use another bowl). Let it chill in referigerator for at least 5-6 hours before you serve. I usually make them the previous night, that way vadas soak dahi nicely and are soft.
Now, take desired amount of vadas and dahi in a serving bowl and pour the chutney on it and then sprinkle both cumin and chilli powder. Bus ho gaya !!!

Enjoy dahi vadas. OK, that was enough for one day. I will post some more yummy recipes again soon.

Have a wonderful and colorful holi.

~ Priya


R said...

wow priya, u have uploaded a whole batch of yummy goodies :) all r definitely must ty for me.... i have never tried most of them except for dahi vada which is my absolute favorite :)) thnx for sharing shuch gr8 recipes!!!

Unknown said...

You are welcome. Do let me know how it comes out. I am sure you will make them very yummy !!! :)

Veggie Hut said...

hey..thats my fav..dahi vada..can have anytime.. 1st time here.. loved ur malpuas too.. do drop in at mine..i loved your stunning pic of hawa mahal.. me too from rajasthan.. originally


Unknown said...

Sorry J, didn't get your name. Glad to meet another fellow Rajasthani :)

gautam said...

I am trying to find some real Marwadi [vaishya] class cooking. I have eaten the Rajput cooking from Sikar district, and know how to cook some basic vegetarian dishes, that use garlic, onions etc. HOWEVER, the MARWARI cuisine of Calcutta, cooked by UP brahmans, is strictly vegetarian and sattvik, without any onions, garlic, etc. It is delicious, and has some unique items and tastes.

For example, the dahi vadas are made of MOTH dal, and are flat, round, like ice hockey pucks, dense and delicious. Another characteristic is the use of Iranian OR Afghan HING in resin form, with a penetrating aroma.

I have been trying to find genuine Marwari recipes on the Internet, and searches direct me here and there, but there is unfortunately no real recipes as I remember them.


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