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Malpua I (मालपुआ १) - Happy Holi 2010 Everyone !!!

होली है भाई होली है, रंगों का त्यौहार होली है !!!

Wow, one of the most fun day in the entire year is holi. It immediately taken me into my child days, when we would wake up early in the morning and get ready to play holi with wet colors, play in the gali with friends for the whole day, eating yummy food wherever we go (with the same dirty colored hands, no one cared about going that color in tummy back then), come back home around 2 or so, take a long shower, get to eat yummiest food made by amma and then get some rest. Then holi starts again in the evening, this time going to friends' families for dinners (yes multiple dinners) and play with strictly only dry colors. But, then once you are all done and back home, another long shower to get rid of all colors. And, the most fun part was all the colors that will be left on the body and then the next day you can boast to your friends as to how much holi you Those were the best of the days.

Here is United States, we don't get to play "that" kind of holid, but never the less, we do play and have whatever fun we can with friends and yummy food (this time made by us instead of amma or some other chachi).

Holi is a special time for special foods. I grew up in Bihar (a state in India), so my menu of Holi is dictated by the fact. It usually contains, Poori, Aloo-Kathal ki sabzi, Imli ki Chutney, Dahi Bada and Malpua (every chachi used to make it differently).

Today, I will share some of my favorites and now my kid's and husband's favorites. 

I will start with "the highlight" of Holi and that is Malpua. I am sure everyone has heard or eaten Malpua in one or the other form. Tihs is the most handy food on Holi as you can grab it and eat it just like that, no need to sit, no need of plate or spoon or fork. Just your hands or rather just

I am sharing a variety of Malpua recipes here. This is the one that I learnt from my mom. I hope you will like it and will surely try. This is also an entry for my very first content entry @ "Let's Play With Colors @ Asankhana Blog"

Malpua I (मालपुआ १)

Maida (All Purpose Flour) - 2 cups
Cheeni (Sugar) - 1 cup (you can increase this quantity if you would like it little sweeter)
Mixed Nuts (Dry Dates, Almonds, Cashew, Raisins and Dry Coconut) - All chopped equal to small golden raisin size - 1 cup together in equal quantities or based on your preference
Milk - 2 cups (Please add milk little by little while mixing the batter so that it is enough to make the batter such that it is thick enough to take round shape in hot oil when poured and not becomes too runny)
Oil - For deep frying

  • Add all the ingredients of malpua in a vessel and keep it soaked overnight or for at least 6-8 hours for soft malpuas. Before you start making malpuas, mix the batter once and add little milk, if the batter seems very thick (batter will become thicker overnight as the nuts and maida soaks the milk).
  • Make sure your oil is not very hot, or else malpua may not retain its shape and also it won't get cooked all the way inside. Pour one big spoonful of batter in hoil oil slowly such that it shapes somewhat round form (the size of a small poori). Let it cook for about 40-60 seconds on each side (do not turn them again and again as then it tends to soak more oil). They will turn brownish. Remove them from oil and keep on paper towel for little while before enjoying the hot malpua.

Malpua is eaten hot as well as cold. So, enjoy it anytime, like a snack or a dessert.

I will post more recipes followed by this post as I didn't want to put all recipes in just one post.

~ Priya


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